Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hand & Lock produce the Lord Mayor of Westminster's robe

Last Sunday, 14th of October 2012, the Lord Mayor of Westminster presented herself at the ‘Evensong Celebrating Service’ in Westminster Abbey in her stunning new robe.

The robe, called ‘The Diamond Jubilee Robe’, was created in its entirety by Hand & Lock.

It took 4 weeks for the 56 individual golden ornaments alone to be hand embroidered, and nearly one week to put the robe together

The ‘Feast of the Dedication’ celebrates Westminster Abbey as a sacred and holy building, and is attended by the Lord Mayor’s Association since their establishment in 1901. Founded as a means to promote discussion of all  issues relating to London’s capital, the association formely comprised of the current and previous metropolitan mayors. Since a re-organisation in 1965, the invitation to join was extended to mayors of the 31 London boroughs.

Annually presented and open to all, the evensong celebration of the ‘Feast of the Dedication’ comprises of a joyous celebration of the sacred history of Westminster Abbey. The first lesson was read by Sir David Brewer, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, accompanied by an outstanding choir and orchestral arrangement.

However, perhaps the most outstanding of all aspects of the celebration was the Lord Mayor of Westminster’s stunning ‘Diamond Jubilee Robe’, painstakingly hand-crafted and embroidered by some of the world’s premier embroiderery artists. Taking four whole weeks to create the intricate golden ornaments alone, it’s not difficult to see why!


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